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Celebrate Today, Together (February-March)

Were you aware that we have an extra day this year? How are you going to make it count?

Might we suggest it go towards investing in your marriage and spending some quality time with your spouse?

Take a look at all the fun suggestions of things to do to further connect with your partner through our "Celebrate Today, Together" calendar for February through March!

"Celebrate Today, Together (February-March)" calendar compiled by TMS volunteer, Sarah Shake






Thumb Appreciation Day

Try a few of these tasks without your thumb, and you'll appreciate them: open a door, button a shirt, drink out of a glass, tie your shoes, write with a pencil, play an instrument...

Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day

What?? Yep, that's exactly what happened on this date in 1930. If you can't arrange to do the same today, enjoy a glass of milk while learning something new about airplanes. (If you do milk a cow on an airplane today, we want to hear about it.)


National Chocolate Mint Day

Enjoy your favorite combination of chocolate and mint today.

Iwo Jima Day

Learn something new about the battle at Iwo Jima.


Clean Out Your Bookcase DAy

Grab a box and declutter your bookshelf.

National Comfy Day

Get comfortable this evening. Ideas: put your pajamas on early, snuggle up with a good book, enjoy a bubble bath, make some comfort food....


Card Reading Day

Are you one of those people that keeps cards you received in the mail? Today is the day to pull them out, reread them and reflect on how loved your are.

Single Tasking Day opposed to multi-tasking. Take one thing at a time today. You just might find out it's more productive.


Play More Cards Day

Play a game of card with your spouse today - perhaps invite friends or neighbors to join you.

National Chili Day

Make Chili together today.


National Banana Bread Day

Make banana bread together.

National Dog Biscuit Day

Go shopping for your favorite canine and surprise them with a treat. Feeling extra adventurous. Make dog biscuits for your favorite canine.


National Trading Cards Day

Do you have a collection of trading cards? Share this hobby / memory with your spouse.

International Tongue Twister Contest Day

Grab a book of tongue twisters from your local library and hold your own family contest.


Quiet Day

Today just be quiet and allow your spouse to speak - without interrupting. Reflect back. Then trade.

Let's All Eat Right Day

Eat extra healthy today.


Carnival Day

Share a carnival memory with your spouse.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

What was your favorite fairy tale as a child? Share that with your spouse. Perhaps even read it together.


International Polar Bear Day

Learn something new about the polar bear - read a book, an article, watch a video together.

National Retro Day

What do you miss most about "the good ol' days"? Spend some time walking down Memory Lane. Maybe even spend the evening watching some old shows on TV or maybe enjoy no TV at all.


Car Keys and Small Change Day

Today is actually a day to celebrate the invention of the pocket (where else would you keep your keys and change?) Be sure to wear something with pockets today. Also a good day to repair the hole in your pocket.

Inconvenience Yourself Today

Today is a day to inconvenience yourself in order to make someone else's life easier.


Leap Day

You have an extra day this year. Make it count! Take a leap to improve your marriage.







Share a Smile Day

Start your spouse's day by giving them a big smile. Make a point to smile at others you meet as well.

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

Enjoy a special peanut butter treat together.


Old Stuff Day

Often refers to the phrase "The Same Old Stuff" so instead of "the same old stuff" do something different or in a different way. (or perhaps you are tired of some of the "old stuff" lying around. Today is a day to get rid of it.

Birthday of Dr. Seuss

Share your favorite Dr. Seuss book with your spouse.


Finishers Medal Day

Share a difficult task, that with perseverance, you finished! Celebrate that with your spouse. Are you in the middle of a task that is difficult and you feel like giving up? Ask your spouse to pray with you and agree to celebrate at the finish line.

I Want You to be Happy Day

Do something for your spouse today that would make them happy.


March Forth Day

Reflect on your past and on where you want to go now. Come up with a list of marriage goals to achieve before the next March Forth.

National Dance of the Waltz Day

Waltz with your spouse today.


National Sportsmanship Day

Time to give the Marriage Bill of Rights a review. Are there areas of your sportsmanship that need improved?

National Cheese Doodle Day

Enjoy the evening munching on cheese curls or cheese puffs.


Discover What Your Name Means Day

Do a little research on your name and share your discoveries with your spouse.

National Oreo Cookie Day

Enjoy some Oreos together today.


National Be Heard Day

Originally started to give small businesses a voice, today would be a good day to muster the courage to try an "I statement".

National Cereal Day

While eating your morning bowl of cereal, share with your spouse what your favorite cereal was as a child. Perhaps buy a box and relive the experience.


Girls Write Now Day

Hey ladies, take some time today to write your spouse a letter.

International Women's Day

Men, take a moment (or perhaps all day) to celebrate your wife today.


Amerigo Vespucci Day

Today would be a great day to talk with your spouse about places far or near that you would like to explore.

National Meatball Day

Enjoy meatballs for dinner tonight,


International Day of Awesomeness

A day to celebrate everything that is awesome --- start with your spouse.

Festival of Life in the Cracks Day

A day to celebrate the first signs of spring (sprouts of green in the cracks of the sidewalk.) So, if you're struggling and don't think your spouse is awesome, then celebrate a sign of life in the crack of brokeness.


National 311 Day

Some cities have a 311 for non emergencies so people are not tying up the 911 lines. Do you need a marriage 311 call? What issue do you need to address before it becomes a 911 emergency crisis?

Debunking Day

A day to clear up false claims, assertions, myths and exaggerations of truth. I think at The Marriage School we call these Expectations. Today would be a good day to review Lesson 3.


National Plant a Flower Day

It's time to start thinking about flowers. Even if it's too cold outside, try planting seeds inside.

Girl Scout Day

Which variety of Girl Scout Cookies is your favorite? Share that information with your spouse.


Donald Duck Day

Watch a Donald Duck video together today.

National Good Samaritan Day

Be a blessing to someone in need today.


International Ask a Question Day

Be curious. What do you want to know about your spouse? Today is a great day to ask.

Popcorn Lovers Day

Enjoy popcorn together this evening - maybe a movie, too!


National Peanut Lovers Day

Enjoy a peanut snack today.

Everything You Think is Wrong Day

If it really is one of those days today, remember - no one is perfect. Take those ugly thoughts captive and extend yourself some grace! You are special!!!!


Everything You Do is Right Day

Well, isn't that a welcomed relief after yesterday! But, remember - pride goes before the fall. Today would be a great day to extend grace to someone else. They are also special!!!!

National Panda Day

Learn something new about the panda today.


St Patrick's Day

Don't forget to wear green. Google "Veggie Tales St. Patrick's Day" for a short history lesson on the holiday.

Submarine Day

"Sub" - meaning below the surface. Are there some thoughts and feelings that need to be brought to the surface? Today may be the day to share that with your spouse.


National Sloppy Joe Day

That's sounds like an easy menu for today. Enjoy!

Awkward Moments Day

Share a few of life's awkward moments with your spouse.

Downloadable PDF:

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We would love for you to share the ways in which you celebrate today! When you participate or are inspired by one of the suggestions on our calendar, take a quick picture and share it with us so that we can celebrate alongside you!

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