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The Marriage School, Inc. of Greater Cincinnati

Can this help if we are separated?

Yes, but the more serious and protracted the problems in your marriage, the harder you will have to work – individually and as a couple – to overcome those issues.  You will hear stories of couples who were separated for a time and learned how to rebuild their marriage.

How much does Third Option cost?

We ask for a $20 per week donation ($10 per individual) and we utilize the honor system.  There is a donation basket at the registration table or you can make your donation online.  If this amount causes a financial hardship, simply speak to us and we will make arrangements so that you can continue to attend The Third Option for as long as you need to.

What if things get worse while we are attending the Third Option?

We firmly believe the Third Option will help your marriage.  However, it is possible things can initially deteriorate when couples begin to be transparent and honest with themselves and each other in a new way. Giving each other permission to fail and try again while learning new skills is essential to ultimate success. With persistent application of the tools and skills, most couples see transformation in themselves and their marriages.

Do I have to attend every session?

Third Option is designed to be helpful in one-week increments. Each week is a stand-alone discussion and teaching. Attending regularly is very helpful, but not required. Many times couples may miss a week and then make up that topic during the next session. Many couples find it takes two or even three cycles to build their marriage to the level they seek.

Is Third Option a counseling service?

Third Option is not a counseling service.  It is an educational group where we learn and encourage and support each other.  The Third Option is led by skilled facilitators and by couples who have overcome serious issues in their own marriages and are giving back to others.

What if we already have a strong marriage?

The Third Option offers a loving and fun community where solid marriages can get a "tune up” The program can help your strong marriage grow stronger and deeper.

Do we have to actually talk about our problems?

We consider all information shared by everyone at the Third Option confidential. You can come and listen without the pressure to share. There is no requirement to speak in discussion can listen to the facilitators and other couples while you reflect on your own situation.

Is this a religious program?

Anyone can attend and you can expect a warm welcome from all of our staff no matter what your beliefs.  The Third Option emphasizes practical relationship skills that are beneficial to anyone regardless of their faith.

What if we are already divorced?

Even divorced couples have found their way back together through The Third Option. Consider it a real possibility to find each other again on the other side of divorce.

How do we get started?

Third Option is designed to allow new couples to start ANY WEEK during the sessions. Just check the schedule and show up!

What about our kids? Do you have childcare?

We have childcare for infants to 12 year olds provided by the hosting church.  Childcare is free for the Third Option participants.  If your child has special needs, we ask that you contact us at least one week in advance to assess and plan for that need. Visit to register for childcare.

What if we are in serious trouble?

The Third Option has helped many couples work through serious betrayals, hurts and struggles. You will hear couples share about how they overcame affairs, divorce, abortion, alcoholism and other serious issues. You will learn about taking responsibility for yourself, about childhood issues, about the process of forgiveness and rebuilding trust.

Still don't see the answer to your question?

We would love to be able to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. We aim to provide the materials, programs, support and insight to any and everyone interested in The Marriage School. Please, take a moment to reach out to us directly, and we'll be sure to get back with a prompt response for you. Any and all questions are welcome!

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