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  • Daniel Sachs

The Third Option: Summer Semester (Week 6)...Listening Beyond Words

The Three Speedometers...

"Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger." (James 1:19)

Sounds like I have to monitor three speedometers at the same time.

How can I actually do that? I believe it means I have to tell my mind which thoughts to accelerate, put energy into, nurture and which thoughts to slow down, starve and even stop.

Here are some of my sample thoughts I can speed up and slow down:

Speed up:

  • "This is important to her"

  • "She wants to be understood"

  • "She wants to feel connected to me"

  • "Her thoughts are valuable"

  • "I can serve her in processing her thoughts and feelings"

  • "I want to affirm her"

  • "I can give her the same acceptance, love and grace that Jesus gives her right now.

Slow down:

  • "I don't agree with that"

  • "Here is why I don't agree with her..."

  • "She should listen to me"

  • "I can fix that"

  • "She can fix that"

  • "Here is the solution..."

  • "No need to say or even think that"

Slow down:

  • "If she would just get over it..."

  • "If she hadn't done this, she wouldn't have to talk about it"

  • "Why is she saying this again?"

  • "I don't need to listen to this"

  • "I am not doing what she says I am doing"

  • "I think she should talk to someone else about this"

  • "I would never think or do what she is thinking and doing"



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