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Celebrate Today, Together (June - July)

When it comes to spending time with your spouse or thinking of things to do together, have you thought or said any of the following?

  • There's nothing to talk about.

  • I am not creative when it comes to date night.

  • How do I keep date night from blowing the budget?

  • There's nothing to do.

  • Life is hard right now. I sure could use a celebration of some kind.

We have cultivated a few simple ways in which you can, perhaps daily, to celebrate everyday. Hopefully finding the joy in the simplicity can help spark something more for you. Click the link below to find out more!

CT-T - Together (June 18 - July 18) 2023 - Sheet1
Download PDF • 8.74MB

We would love for you to share the ways in which you celebrate today! When you participate or are inspired by one of the suggestions on our calendar, take a quick picture and share it with us so that we can celebrate alongside you!

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