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  • Rachel Sachs

The Third Option: Summer Semester (Week 1)...Building a Climate of Respect

When Daniel and I first started in this ministry, I thought that I could predict success based on a couples’ circumstances. It seemed that couples with more serious problems would probably have less success while couples with fewer problems would have more success. But I was completely and absolutely wrong.

We have seen marriages that appear to have everything going for them. I’m thinking of a couple that were both attending church, quoting bunches of bible verses and had 3 beautiful children. It appeared that they just need some practice on communication. But bitterness had taken root over the years and, after less than a year of trying, they threw in the towel and divorced.

I’m thinking of another couple who came in shortly after an affair. In my mind, I wasn’t holding out hope that they would make it. However, in the first meeting, they took the sharing couple testimony to heart and got to work on repairing the damage and rebuilding trust. They faithfully did their homework and, after a year, were stronger than ever before.

It is not the severity of the crisis that decides success or failure. It is the determination and commitment of each spouse to keep working (on their own side of the street), to keep hoping and praying and to NOT GIVE UP. And we are here to walk and pray with you through the sometimes long and difficult process of transformation and healing. Because we all get tired and need encouragement to keep going and win the battle. And the winners are simply the ones who don’t give up.



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