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Outreach Partnerships

Partnering with The Marriage School

We desire to work closely with church leaders as they care for people with marital and relational needs in their congregation and community. The Marriage School is different because it is an independently operating Christian ministry for couples equipped with quality content and ongoing support. There are several different degrees to which we can partner alongside your organization. We can offer support as a partner in ministry.

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Establishing a solid foundation

Gain awareness of The Marriage School's mission, programs and resources opportunities to share the information with those within and under your scope of influence.

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Access to The Marriage School

Promotional materials, content and program information about The Marriage School's offerings for those interested in sharing with friends, family, co-workers, parishes, patrons, etc. are available for all.


Strong application & commitment

This program will give you a beautiful and strong Scriptural foundation and also teach you many practical skills to navigate everyday life in marriage.



Share our YouTube videos with others online.

Host Church

Practical skills for a solid foundation

A 14-week educational group where attendees learn, encourage and support each other.

Social Content

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